Roulette – an enchanting game of opportunity

Roulette is a game of chance that has fascinated players since its inception. The game is named after a French word meaning “little bike”. French scientist Blaise Pascal, who invented the roulette machine, is said to be fascinated by the device of eternal movement. The first version of roulette was seen in the 17th century.

This game became very popular in Paris, and in 1842 Francois and Louis Blanc invented the roulette wheel with a single ‘0’ sign as a better house advantage.

During that period, France declared gambling illegal, so the game was introduced in Germany, where it attracted people from the start. The game was brought back to France by Prince Charles III of Monaco, and so became the resort of Monte Carlo, a luxurious and famous place known all over the world.

During the California Golden Moon, roulette emerged in the United States, where it was played in a double 00 version.

Roulette can be played in several versions, and the most popular are European and American roulette. The game is actually an easy casino game, and the odds are just luck. The Croupier throws the ball into the wheel of the rotating wheel in the opposite direction. The player bets that the ball will land in a colored wheel pocket and will be numbered 1-37 in European Roulette and 1-38 in American Roulette.

Roulette includes a variety of bets available to players. These bets are divided into two types, ‘internal bets’ and ‘external bets’. Deep bets refer to the pocket number in which the player bets that the ball will land. These are straight bet, split bet, street bet, field bet and line bet.

Betting abroad refers to different groupings of pocket positions, pocket colors, or whether the ball is odd or where the ball lands. Based on the probability of each bet, this bet has different Winning Odds, which are usually sent to each roulette game. External bets are column bets, dozens and even cash bets.

Internal bets have higher odds and external bets. Higher Odds Bet (35: 1) Direct Bet – The player bets that the ball will land on a specific bet. Balance is the lowest odds bet (1: 1) – the player bets that the ball will land on one of the 18 numbers.

European roulette

The wheels of European roulette are numbered from 1 to 36 plus 0, so you have 37 numbered online poker. This is the roulette version that offers its players better odds and the house advantage is only 2.7%.

American roulette

This version of the game has one trough corresponding to 36 numbers, as well as a pocket of 0 and a double of 00. The house advantage in this version is 5.26%. Since roulette is just a simple game of chance, you will not find a real strategy or system that can help you win. The most honest and important piece of advice on the best roulette style is to always avoid the American roulette wheel. You should always recommend looking for European roulette games as they offer the best rules and odds for players against the house.

French roulette

The French bike consists of a time slot numbered 0-36 and has three types of bets. Internal bets, external bets and call bets. Inline bets include single number bets, split or double bets, consecutive three or street bets, four bets or square bets and hex or row bets. External bets consist of column bets, dozens of bets and even cash bets. Bets include Les Voisins Du Zero, Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Orphelins and Finales Bets. A special feature of this roulette variant is the La section rule, which is a rule that allows you to lose only half of the even bet amount if the ball lands on zero with a steady stake.

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For casino players, nothing is more appealing than a coin hitting a slot game or the sound of bells in the air. Cars that attract players with bright lights and just the idea of ​​a future poker tournament can cause players to plan their bets while trying to focus on the workplace. As the payday approached, players found plans to spend money at the casino.

Every online casino player can find casinos for a reason to be excited about the casino. The enthusiasm of the casino is nothing new and has existed since the beginning of the games. There is a certain emotion involved in making money.

However, the advent of online casinos has changed the atmosphere of gambling.

Now, after online casinos, players can get the same rewards by placing bets on the privacy of their home, without having to go to a land-based casino. In fact, many people in the world of online casinos want to go to casinos in person. Here are some reasons for this.

Land-based casinos tend to be very crowded, with a lot of alcohol, a lot of people and a lot of money flying back and forth. Some people do not want to spend this extra money.

Some of the largest online casinos allow players to win more games and spend relatively little money. One of the main reasons why people enjoy playing so much is the thrill of seeing money grow in poker games, online casino games or other skill games. Going to a country casino is not profitable.

Online casinos offer huge bonuses in the form of free money just to register. And there are additional bonuses throughout the year for tournaments, deposits and even a small portion of royalties. Land-based casinos offer these types of benefits to their largest customers. At an online casino, you can get the same VIP treatment at an expensive price at a land-based casino.

Graphics is another important reason why players are attracted to the field of online casino.

Slots can be very attractive at land-based casinos, but they are nothing compared to the experience offered by online casinos. Again, online casinos have started offering 3D games with better graphics and social networking features to keep you connected with other players.

As you access more casinos, explore the scene, see what’s on offer, and then look for cars to play with. But with online casinos, you can dress as much as you feel comfortable, be the person you want to be, and experience gambling like a land-based casino.

Casino parties can definitely be fun. But wouldn’t you rather be in the company of the people you really care about? With an online casino, you can stay close to family and friends.

Another advantage of online casinos is that you can host tournaments with friends and family. You can gather people together in your own home using multiple computers, or you can organize a virtual remote party. If you don’t see your friends in person, you can stay with them online! Online casinos are attractive for several reasons, other than the simple opportunity to make money; it also provides a great platform to keep in touch with people you know.

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Types of online casino slots and how to win them by playing

Most, if not all, online casino sites offer their players special bonuses during Christmas. This article looks at some of them and what it means for the colorful and how they play online casino games.

Most, if not all, online casino sites offer their players special bonuses during Christmas. In this article, we will look at some of them and what it means for the colorful and how they play online casino games during the holiday season.

For most casinos, bonuses mean slot games, so slot players, who are the largest group of players, get the best deals. Giving bonuses to players doubles their chances of winning, some say. Others argue that this is a way for a casino to attract more money from players. Both are partially true.

When an online casino offers bonus games, there are always restrictions.

Certain games are not permitted and the betting requirement must be met before a player can make any draw. And most casinos offer a so-called sticky bonus, which means the bonus is removed from players who win when they request a withdrawal. Therefore, it is only useful as free spins or free spins where you can win without the risk of losing.

The wagering requirements differ in different casino games, but they work the same way in all. The total betting request for online casinos is 12 * (bonus + deposit). In other words, the player must use an amount equal to 12 times the roulette bonus and deposit. Let’s argue that the casino offers a 50% bonus deposit and the player deposits € 50. This gives the player 75 games, so if the wagering requirement is 12 * (bonus + deposit), then it is 12 * 75 or a total of € 900, which must be wagered before withdrawal can be allowed.

Wagering / re-drawing € 900 to make a lottery may sound like a lot, but given that most rounds / rounds return players ’winnings in varying amounts, the required transfer requirement for  online poker doesn’t  take that long.

With many slot games available.

It is often a question of which online casino slot machine is best suited for bonuses. The first tip is to stay away from progressive games – they may sound appealing with their multi-million euro jackpots, but because they are connected to an extensive jackpot network that covers many online casinos and has a lower payout ratio than non-progressive ones. Slots have a much higher chance of winning multi-line slot games with bonus rounds – although the chance to win a massive jackpot is always quite strong.

On some of these slot machines, the biggest prizes are at least € 500,000, plus bonus rounds that can give you smaller but still very large amounts of money. Today, most online slot players are looking for bonus rounds when choosing an online slot game. If you are not sure which online slots you want to use with your bonus, log in as a fun player and try free casino games before you decide. This will give you time to test all the online casino games available and see which slot games you like the most.

Some nostalgic gamblers prefer classic single-line slot machines, but most go straight to modern video slots in Vegas.

Overall, online slots are a favorite casino game for players, and during the holidays, like Christmas games, they become increasingly popular as players are offered additional bonuses to play. So buy this Christmas casino the best Bonus Deals and the cheapest Success, Responsible Gambling and Merry Christmas!



Number of known people like casino games as their favorite game. Games can be fun, easy to play and can make a lot of money. You want to make sure you find the right slot for you.

One person may lose in one match when the other does not seem to be able to stand.

It is often a matter of personal choice. If you come across a slot game that you don’t fully understand, you need to find another game or make sure you spend enough time making sure you fully understand the rules before you play. When you play a casino game that you do not understand, do not have fun and you may lose more money than you really wanted.

Talk to friends, family and other slots to see what they recommend. Again, just because I say the game is great, it means it’s perfect for you. You need to check the casino slots and decide for yourself. At least you have a good direction to start.

Once you have found some great slot games, make sure you take advantage of them.

Of course, you should consider the new games added online so that you can check them out.

Even if you only play to make money, you can have fun too, especially when there is a chance of losing money. If you like games, especially interactive games, you can at least say you have fun playing poker.

Again, if you have someone who doesn’t have the time or money to play a bunch of different online casino games until you find the best one, you can read some reviews. There are a lot of online reviews about different casinos.

These reviews can give you a lot of information about the company, games, annual fees for players and the best rated casino games. Annual payment information is a great way to assess whether or not a particular online casino is worth your time.

Finding good slot machine games, either in person at a regular casino or through an online casino, can be challenging and fun at the same time. Finally, you will quickly find that the articles, time, effort and money of management are worth it.

Then, you can also guide your friends and family to the best online gambling based on their personal experience. This saves them a lot of time and money and they can start playing slot games with you.

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Do you want the best bets?

Then go to! is the largest betting and casino site in the industry, with millions of people betting on sports, playing blackjack,  poker and  many other online casino games on a secure and regulated site. Bet now!

So you have found the joy of online betting.

You like that you can stay at home in your underwear, but you can still bet on those basketball games. It’s great that you want to bet online, but do you know who to turn to for help? You want to find a betting book (online betting) to bet on. Here are some things to look for when looking for an online bookmaker:


Of course, you want to make sure you carefully check the reputation of any site before you sign up. Have there been years? Do they have many happy bets? Find sports betting forums as well as permanent experts.

Financial situations.

You want to check their financial situation on the betting site. You want to be able to pay if you win, right? So, make sure that there is no news telling them that they will go bankrupt or that they tend not to pay customers.

Easy to use.

You don’t want to be a rocket scientist moving through sites. Sometimes you only need a minute to see if a sports betting site is easy to navigate. Various events. Just as you don’t always want to bet on football or always bet on golf, you don’t want an online sports book in which you can only bet on certain events. Choose a betting site that covers almost every sport in the world. Whether it’s popular NBA or less popular games or cricket. Different locations. The same theory as above, you do not want to bet only on events that happen in a single arena or even in the country.

With online betting, the world is at hand.

Make sure you can take advantage of this with a bookmaker.
Knowledge of the rules. However, when using an online sports card, you must follow the betting rules set by arenas, tracks, etc. . Availability. You want your sports book to be available by email and phone, preferably 24 hours a day. There must be a chat service 24 hours a day.

Free stuff.

Yes, this is very important for many people. Does your sports card charge a percentage of your opening account balance or offer a sign-up bonus? It offers daily bonuses such as reduced juices, bad bets, double winnings and more.

Comprehensive site.

This can cover a lot, but in principle you want a sports card that does nothing but win your bet. You want one that provides used information about players, events, odds and even the results of all the events you can bet on. Their sports betting line needs to be updated and is absolutely correct. Reduced deposit. A good sports betting site should allow you to deposit small amounts. A good amount is $ 10 or $ 20. You do not want to deposit a large amount every time.


Land Casinos

In the last two decades, online gambling has grown enormously and is now one of the most profitable companies in the world. Therefore, land-based casinos need to evaluate how they can grow their business so that they can best place themselves in the online casino and casino competition. As land-based casinos increasingly focus on roulette customers’ physical locations and return to their former customers, they should focus on these two areas with a laser. Customers also need to be aware of what customers have returned to the casino and what encourages them to play.

What does casino business information have to do with anything?

There should be no land-based casinos that do not take into account economic fluctuations, but there should also be what customers are looking for, where they often play, what customers come to land-based casinos and what they will have to return home to. considered. Here, the role of information is particularly obvious.

What does the data layer say?

Data storytelling is simply a way of describing data analysis and this has an impact on business decisions and actions. More simply, this means that it refers to realistic scenarios in a description that takes into account the data and assumptions and then makes increasingly precise decisions based on these data. It offers a simple explanation even for the most complex data.

Businesses today are heavily burdened by data-driven results and data analysis tools, and in this situation, data collection capacity is becoming very relevant. The purpose of this subtle analysis of the data is to connect the points between the decision makers who may not have the ability to explain the data properly. Although no standards or guidelines have been set for storytelling, there are patterns and trends that can be used to create a narrative around the data. Companies should look for poker to include a feature that creates a “hook”, a listener or a reader, as well as thematic elements that add a layer to the data to help companies reach conclusions or all of them.

Casinos benefit from aggregation screens and information stories in many ways.

Gambling is a high-risk company for both casino operators and casino and resort owners. A successful casino is based on attracting the right customer base, which includes a few games of chance for each customer, so that they can have fun and keep the customer’s interest long enough for them to make repeated visits. As a result, customer behavior must be understood well enough to guide and control customer behavior. In addition, casinos should keep the frequency of large accesses to a minimum if they are to continue to operate. Today, large casinos have begun to use big data to find out where and how their customers spend their money. In addition to the fact that facility operators can provide various incentives for higher costs, they can thus avoid the loss of players that are more serious than expected. In normal data management panels, these elements revolve around data.


The importance of data cards and data sets in casinos and profitable gambling in gold mining is growing. The data warehouse will help casino owners make decisions based on best business practices, better understand the information and increase the overall success of the casino. Stories help casinos better understand the actions of their customers and, as a result, are able to predict what customers will do.


The Unlimited World of Online Gaming

The Unlimited World of Online Gaming

Online casinos have been available since 1994 when the government of Antigua and Barbuda passed the Free Trade & Processing act, the first law that allowed licenses for the online gaming business.

Following this revolutionary event, the first software providers started producing games and powering gaming sites. The whole industry flourished and the options for online casino players multiplied exponentially in few years. Since the launch of online casino software, there have been major strides in the industry and technology, services and features have improved substantially. New games, new fascinating features and new enticing promotions have been the “weapons” of an incessant competition among the operators and among software providers.

Win Big With Online Casino

Our online casino has always been in the front line of this restless competition: our lobby is the clear example of the huge effort that is constantly made to expand the available portfolio and to improve the gaming experience.

Online gaming is nowadays a well accredited entertainment choice of millions of people all around the world. Easy to access, relatively cheap as a hobby and extremely pleasant, New Zealanders consider it a good way to relax and have fun after an intense day at work or during a quiet day of vacation.

Online Gaming Evolution

While learning to love online gaming, players became also more demanding in terms of quality of the games and of the service.

Casino Midas NZ represented one of the best answers to New Zealanders players’ more sophisticated needs. Its incredible variety of table games (roulette of all types, (blackjack etc.) and poker machines guarantees all players continuous excitement and infinite winning possibility. Generous promotions and special prizes are another way to demonstrate the value that each and every player has for us and our customers seem to enjoy our treats very much.

The evolution of online gaming passes also through technological development, which has been huge in the last decade. One of the milestones of this evolution is 2004, when mobile casino games were first launched. This has revolutionized the gaming industry that keeps changing to adapt itself to this omnipresent technology.

Casino Midas never stays behind when it comes to improving the gaming experience of his players. A great mobile and tablet version has been already implemented (and it is continuously updated!) and New Zealanders players have been using it with great satisfaction since then.

MasterCard Casino

MasterCard Casino Online

One of the main questions that New Zealand players need to ask themselves when opening an account at an online casino is how they are going to transfer funds into their accounts. The best online casinos such as support a wide range of payment methods, with one of the most popular being MasterCard. Playing at a Mastercard casino has many advantages for players, making them primary destinations for even the most discerning online poker fans.

Advantages of a MasterCard Casino

MasterCard is one of the world’s leading credit cards, used by literally millions of consumers all around the world to make online transactions. One of the main advantages of transferring funds to your online casino account using this payment method is that the process is already familiar to most people. By paying with MasterCard, players are able to complete the process quickly and conveniently because they know what to expect and recognize.

MasterCard Casino Sites are Safe

It should also be mentioned that using MasterCard to fund online casino accounts at presents players with a very safe and secure payment option. MasterCard casinos use the last word in online security to ensure that all information and data is kept safe at all times, providing players with complete peace of mind when paying for their gaming entertainment. Playing uk online roulette at a MasterCard casino is one of the best ways to enjoy a safe environment, exceptional casino games and to notch jackpots and bonuses thrown in for good measure!


Blackjack Card Counting: a fascinating strategy

With a confusing legal standing and an almost myth-like status spread by movies like Rainman, card counting is nonetheless far from being a nearly superhuman feat or an attempt to cheat. You might be surprised but here at Casino Midas we want to explain you hot to do that.

It does not take an extraordinary memory to count cards in blackjack. In fact, this is a simple technique meant to determine the probability that the next hand will give an advantage to either the player or the dealer. Based on card counting, a player can decide to bet lower when the odds to win are lower, and to maximize bets when the probability to win is high.

How does it work?

Card counters try to lower the house edge by counting the high and low value cards that appear in the game. In blackjack, high cards such as Tens and Aces tend to benefit the player, while low cards benefit the dealer. Thus, a high concentration of high value cards acts to a player’s advantage.

To keep track of the cards without any extraordinary abilities, card counters usually assign a score to every card that they see, estimating the value of the card. They are thus able to keep a “running count” by tracking the sum of these scores.

Types of card counting

There are several systems used in card counting. Single-level systems such as High-Low assign values such as -1, +1 and 0 to each card. Low cards increase the count (as they increase the amount of high value cards in the remaining deck), while high cards decrease it.

For greater accuracy, some card counters use multi-level counts like Wong Halves or Zen Count. These systems assign a greater variety of numbers to cards depending on their value. Moreover, counters often use side counts of specific cards, such as Aces.

When trying to master the best strategies in blackjack, keep in mind that card counting is frowned upon by many casinos. Online casinos sometimes put some measures in place to prevent card counters, such as frequent shuffling, higher numbers of decks in play and low penetration.

Live Gaming vs. Online Gaming

Live Gaming vs. Online Gaming Comparison

Casino gaming has developed significantly since the first online casino software was launched and new developments mean new opportunities for casino players. Many online casinos now offer their suites of online casino games, as well as suite of live gaming options.

Online Casino Games

The first online casinos were launched in 1994 and the industry has continued to grow since then. Online casinos now offers games suites with hundreds of online casino game titles including the popular categories of table games, card games, video poker, slots, arcade games, Asian games and progressive jackpot games. Within these categories, players can find a wide range of game options with multiple variations of a particular game. Among the most popular games at online casinos are blackjack and roulette and many casinos offer entire suites of variations of these games. Pokies are another category of games where there is huge choice available. Some online casinos offer hundreds of pokies within multiple categories, such as classic slots, video slots, pub fruit machines and progressive slots games. Some software providers offer unique slots, such as Real Time Gaming’s real series of slots games. This has provided casino game fans with a much wider range of options than they would have had at land-based casinos. New online casinos are being launched all the time and with them come new and improved software features.

Advantages of Online Casino Games

One of the major advantages of playing online casino games is the ability to access almost any game. With the huge choice available at a single online casino, all players are almost guaranteed to find a game to suit their preferences and their bankroll. If you don’t find what you are looking for, it is simple to switch to another casino without even leaving the comfort of your chair. With online casinos, players can enjoy their favourite casino games from home or from anywhere they have a computer with Internet. You do not need to spend time or money travelling to a land-based casino. In addition, online casinos offer a range of benefits from no deposit bonuses to loyalty clubs, special promotions and more.

Live Gaming

In order to create a better personal interaction and to provide the player with the excitement that is felt when watching a dealer in action at a land-based casino, live dealer casino games were developed. The first live dealer games were launched in 2003 and they proved popular and have grown since then. Live gaming involves the use of web cam technology that streams live dealers in action in real time. The dealers are set up in a designated area where they actually play the game out in front of your eyes. You can watch a blackjack dealer shuffling and dealing the cards or a croupier dropping the little white ball into the spinning roulette wheel. For players who prefer to see the dealer in action, rather than rely on the random number generator, live gaming vs. online gaming is a great option. In addition, when enjoying live dealer games, players are able to chat to the dealer to enjoy a more personal experience.

Benefit of Live Gaming

Live dealer games effectively blend the benefits of online casino gaming with live gaming. Players can now enjoy a personal gaming experience, while watching the dealer in action, all from the comfort of their own homes. While the range of games available at live dealer casinos is still limited, the games that are available are of a high quality. Available games commonly include blackjack, roulette and baccarat and may also include sic bo and Caribbean poker.

If you are looking for a live gaming experience, but you want the comfort of playing at home, live dealer casino games are the way to go. On the other hand, if you are looking for more gaming options, online gaming is ideal.