The History of Online Poker

In 1998 the movie ‘Rounders’ was released, a film about the underground world of high-stakes poker starring Matt Damon as an experienced poker player. The card player profession became a dream job and especially in America the poker virus struck. The Americans turned to the Internet and started playing poker online. One of those Americans was Chris Moneymaker. His prophetic last name proved to be gold when he qualified for the world championship in Las Vegas in 2003 by playing poker online for $39; the $10,000 Main Event of the World Series Of Poker. Moneymaker won the world championship and $2.5 million. When television watching America saw this, poker became unstoppable.

Moneymaker’s chances of winning the tournament were slim as 839 experienced poker players surrounded him. Still, he managed to make it far. So much so that in the end he only had one opponent; the experienced professional gambler Sam Farha. The crucial pot that decided the Heads-Up battle and the world title was a successful bluff by Moneymaker. A few hands later it was over and the anonymous accountant from Tennessee was in one fell swoop world champion, world famous and millionaire thanks to the top prize of 2.5 million dollars. At the time, the prize was the largest cash prize ever paid out in a poker tournament. The whole of America was jealous: Moneymaker’s incredible run was the example of the American Dream. From nothing to a millionaire with minimal effort. Moneymaker also proved that anyone can become a world champion in poker. It was therefore no surprise that one year later almost three times as many people participated in the world championship. In 2006, the main prize had already risen to $12 million and millions of people were playing poker online. Nowadays, most money is no longer made in the casinos, but by people who mainly play online poker.

A few years after the craze started in the Netherlands, online poker is still very popular. It is not only played at home, in the pub or in the casino. A lot of Dutch people play poker online. Worldwide there are over 100 million people who play poker online.

Millions of dollars change hands on various poker websites every day. Tournaments with thousands of players and huge prize pools are a reality of the day. The possibilities are endless with this game. Whether you want to play for 1 cent or $100,000, anything is possible when you choose to play poker online. You can choose from dozens of poker variants such as Omaha, Stud and Drawpoker, but the best known and most common form of play is No Limit Texas Hold’em. Do you want to play poker against thousands of poker players in a tournament or do you prefer to play a cash game? For those who play poker online, every form of poker is available.

With so much poker action in the world sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. Luckily there is; your guide to the poker world. Whether you are someone who has just started playing poker online and looking for the right poker room and the latest poker tips or you are an experienced player looking for the best deals and the latest news. On this site you will find what you are looking for.

Poker Tournament Organizing

Are you looking for a way to organize a fun evening for friends, family, your company or, for example, business partners? Organizing a poker tournament is ideal for this. Poker is a very popular game and anyone can play. Before you take on the task of organizer, it is recommended that you immerse yourself in the game.

Practice online first

Practicing yourself during online poker tournaments is an ideal way to become more familiar with poker. Texas Hold’em is the most played variant, so this is a good choice. Read the poker rules carefully. While you play poker online, you will learn the most important rules and things to keep in mind for your poker tournament. .

Determining the prices

First of all, it is important to know that in a public tournament, for example at companies or in a pub, it is not allowed by law to play for money. Then it is better to choose prizes other than cash prizes, for example a cup. Playing without money can also keep the atmosphere between colleagues lighter and friendlier at the same time. Playing with money is allowed in a closed group, such as with friends.

The Poker Essentials

After the prices are set, it’s time to purchase the supplies. Depending on the atmosphere and the company, you can buy very luxurious items, or look around the marketplace for suitable items. It is certainly possible to keep your tournament low budget. With playing cards, playing chips and tables you have everything you need.

Choose a tournament structure

There is a tournament structure for every occasion. The Freez Out variant is chosen for very large groups, so as not to exceed the desired playing time. Each player gets a stack of playing chips at the start and when they run out, the player is eliminated. It is not recommended to do this with many beginners, because then they will be out too quickly. In that case, Poker Rebuy is more likely to be chosen.

Players can buy extra chips if they are (almost) out. This option is of course limited, so as not to make the tournament last forever. You can also choose from Shout Out, Freeroll, Guaranteed Payout, Mixed, Heads-Up or Satellite. An additional option is the Add-On. Players can purchase additional chips. This is one way to increase the prize pool.

Establish the Blind Schedule

To make your tournament run smoothly, you determine the blind schedule in advance. The Small Blind and the Big Blind are the fixed bets placed by the players to the left of the dealer. You also determine and share the starting stack and any Rebuys and Add-Ons, so that players know what to expect.

During the poker tournament

Players are randomly placed at tables and there should be no more than one player difference between the tables. So move players to avoid this, but don’t move the same player every time and make sure they don’t have to pay a blind one after the other. Also keep an eye on the duration and make sure everyone can come along long enough during the fun and exciting poker rounds. People will look back on your poker tournament with satisfaction.

Five Casino Games You Should Never Play.

There are usually a few live mobile casino games with some of the worst winning odds in the sea of ​​good live casino games where a player can win large sums of money. It would be best if you avoid them at all costs. That means it’s complicated to win money playing those games because of their significant house edge. The percentage of a bet that goes straight to the casino’s budget is known in the gambling industry as the ‘House Edge’. It illustrates the discrepancy between the real odds won and the winnings the player receives. For example, the right odds are when a player bets two dollars and gets the same amount back; however, if only $1.5 is returned, the house edge is there. After learning about the tricks a casino uses to steal your money, it should be easier for you to find a decent game with favorable odds. We’ll list some of the worst below and explain why they are so to better help you with your gaming anxiety.


In the lottery-style keno game, players mark random numbers from 1 to 80 on a piece of paper. Using the ball machine, the winning numbers are drawn or chosen. When asked which game to avoid, this is the first thing that comes to mind. The worst percentage of the house edge is from 20% to 30%. For example, if a gambler bets $100, he will lose $20 to $30 every hour, which is terrible.

The big wheel

If you’ve ever seen what roulette looks like, it won’t be difficult to understand the huge wheel game. The wheel is vertical instead of horizontal, that’s the difference. A random number is placed in each of the parts of the entire reel. The player has to guess and see if the wheel on it stops. One can understand why we have listed these, given the slim chances of getting the guess right. In addition, the house edge percentage is significant and ranges from 11 to 24 percent, meaning that a player loses between $11 and $24 on every $100 every hour.

The roulette game

American roulette has the lowest winning odds of all other roulettes. The difference is that two zero squares – 0 and 00 – have been added to the deck to favor the house. The game’s overall house edge percentage is 5.2 percent. Looking at the previous rates would lead someone to believe this is a fair bet, but looking at the European slot would lead someone to believe otherwise. Only one zero space is involved, reducing the amount of money paid to the house by 2.7%. As a result, a player who wagers $100 every hour will only lose $2.40 instead of $5.20.

A video poker device

Several types of video poker games exist, but not all of them pay out fairly. The easiest method to avoid falling for this gambling trick is to know which bet pays in full and which ones don’t. However, if a player finds a machine that doesn’t pay in full, the house edge is only about 5%. This information is crucial for people who want to use slot machines to make real money.

slot machines

Spinning the reels repeatedly – ​​and often for hours – is necessary to win the jackpot when playing slots. You may understand why it is not recommended to play slots as the house keeps a percentage of every spin. Imagine playing for a while and failing about 15% of the time. That would indeed be awful, am I right?

The Best Ways To Make Money With Online Slots

Many people may be surprised to learn that success in the gaming industry is not necessarily based on luck, but this is true. You can influence many variables to increase your chances of winning, even if there are certain things that are out of your control, such as spinning the jackpot combination on the reels or getting the right hand from the dealer or banker. Today’s exclusive information will detail some of the most effective strategies savvy bettors use to increase the odds of a payout. They consist of:

Select games at casinos with a low house edge

It is no secret that online casinos profit by offering games of chance that give them an advantage over players. However, many players are unaware of the precise house edge percentages that these casino games give. A low house edge increases a player’s potential rewards over time. That’s why smart gamblers always choose to play these games.

Here’s a roundup of some of the fascinating casino games with a fairly low house edge to help you get a head start in your gaming business.

  • The house edge in baccarat (Punto Banco) is 1.24 percent if you bet on the player and 1.06 percent if you bet on the banker.
    Blackjack has a slight house edge, but it fluctuates based on your level of expertise. If you’re proficient, you can lower it to just 0.5 percent. However, for
  • newcomers, the house edge can go up to 5%, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.
  • Poker: In the case of a physical establishment, unlike other table and card games, poker is usually played against opponents not affiliated with the casino. This is excellent news for gamers because it means that if you act strategically, you could have an advantage over your rivals. Poker is one of the casino games that a person can play professionally for various reasons including this one.

To give the house a small edge, developers often adapt the game for multiplayer tournaments in online casinos.

Improving your betting techniques

Here table and card games, especially blackjack and poker, get a lot of attention. By using sophisticated strategies, you increase your chances of winning while reducing the house edge. There are many game strategies you can use to smooth out your actions and increase your chances of winning streaks. In fact, by practicing and testing different blackjack methods, for example, you can compete on an equal footing with the casinos.

Smart money management

There is no such thing as a “sure bet” in gaming. There are no guarantees of getting a particular outcome due to the constantly changing odds that are often in effect. By betting only a portion of their bankroll at a time, sensible players protect themselves from such fluctuations. This will result in your bankroll remaining unchanged, even if you only incur losses.

Even seasoned gamblers will agree that placing more bets will often result in lower volatility. As a result, even with a little bit of bankroll, you need to make bets that match the amount of money you have available. Remember that you need money to earn more; by putting your entire bankroll on a single bet, you increase the risk of losing if things don’t work out as planned. Placing smaller bets will allow you to keep going even after losing if you play on the other side.

Look for profitable deals and loyalty programs.

Most online gaming sites offer benefits for both new and returning players. In addition, dedicated gamers will receive additional rewards due to loyalty programs. Depending on the casino where you play, these incentives always vary in terms of money and restrictions.

However, before taking advantage of the deals, you should carefully review the terms and conditions and compare them with what other casinos offer. Calculating the wagering requirements may not sound like much fun, but variations can sometimes run into thousands of dollars in the long run. To optimize your profits, take your time and determine the final value of the offer before accepting it.

The Secrets to Winning at Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game, and it has changed a lot since Dr. Edward O. Thorp authored “Beat the Dealer” in 1961, which provided us with advice on how to play blackjack at a casino. However, as with any game, the more information you have, the better your experience.

There are a few simple principles to follow at the blackjack tables if you want to succeed. A few pointers will help you lessen the casino’s edge, from conducting yourself in the casino to learning the best approach to play each hand.

Basic Blackjack Strategy should be learned.

Brush up on your blackjack fundamentals before you step onto the casino floor. After all, if you don’t know how to play, you can’t expect to win because chance can only go you so far.

Begin by learning the basics of blackjack before moving on to more advanced strategies. Learn how the game is played, how the cards are valued, and navigate the table. Even if you’ve played previously, a refresher is always beneficial.

You may then learn blackjack strategy from there. It’s critical to understand what to do whether you’re dealt a hard or soft hand (when you’re dealt an ace). You must also know when to split and which tactic is optimal for each circumstance based on your two cards.

Understand the Rules of the Table

If there are any specific table rules that you need to be aware of, do so. Determine which of the first two cards you can double down on and which you can split, as well as the number of times you can do so. Determine whether you have any alternative options, such as surrendering, and whether you can do so early or late.

Locate a Helpful Dealer

Your casino experience can be made or broken by the dealer. Find merchants who are pleasant to deal with so that you can have a good time. Dealers work for tips and should treat you politely as a decent waiter. Why are you still seated at their table if they aren’t?

Making a “toke” wager for a dealer can help you build a stronger relationship with them, and this implies that you include the dealer in the game and place a bet on their behalf. You might reward their efforts with a “toke,” another name for a tip.

You also don’t want to be impolite to the dealer or other players at the table who are also trying to have a good time. The dealer has no control over the cards; you have complete discretion over what you bet when you wager and at which table you gamble. It’s foolish to take your emotions out on others because your losses aren’t their fault most of the time.

Play Smart and Know Your Limits

Remember that a blackjack table at a casino isn’t like a video game where you’re playing for fun. This is actual money; it’s money you’ve earned through hard effort, so be cautious and aware of your limits.

Find a comfortable boundary for yourself. If you are not concerned about what you are betting, you will make better decisions. You can’t expect to win every time you play, so play within your limits. Do not bet if you have no intention of having a good time.

Downloadable Apps vs Instant Play Real Money Slots

Although many users still play real money instant play / no download slot machines on Google Chrome and other browsers, the number of players who download software on their desktop or laptop computer has substantially decreased.

There are many more real money video and classic online slot games accessible on the Instantly playable on the Internet without the need to download anything, or you can download it to your desktop or laptop computer. Top American mobile gambling sites have been working hard to ensure that as many real money gambling games as possible are compatible with the most popular Smartphones, such as Androids, and tablets, such as Apple iPads.

Learn Some Strategies And Pointers

What brings you to this website for the first time? You’ve arrived at a casino website that will provide you with everything you need to know about gaming. The beauty is that you’re here, so we’d better get started on telling you about who we are and what we do. We’ve been highlighted in major media outlets due to our outstanding work. Let’s look at how you may learn about online slot machines for real money, which is one of the most important topics. As a result, we’re going to spend some time delving into a topic that you, our reader, are concerned about.

To win, you must invest. The only mobile site that has all the required information is this one. You are now in a position to make the greatest possible choice. For example, our copy-pasters can help us supply you with the best assessments. Yes, they are reviews on finding the top online casinos for slot machines, and we also go through playing games for real money on a gambling website.

Using a Casino Blacklist to Keep Players Safe

The last thing every casino game player wants is to be cheated out of their money, which frequently occurs, causing great distress to the people involved. With hundreds upon thousands of online casinos to choose from these days, you’re bound to come across a few that have been blacked. We guarantee total authenticity at play Scratchcards.

Fake paylines and other issues are not a worry here. To keep all of our players secure, we created a thorough casino blacklist, allowing them to play freely and win large whenever feasible. Playing at an online casino is a common pastime for many people. You’ll know that many of them, particularly the shadier ones, don’t spare any time in demanding large deposits. They make the processes cumbersome and time-consuming when it comes to returning your money, though.

Some of these real money casinos have no intention of refunding your money and are breaking their own rules, laws, and terms and conditions. Make sure to stay away from these fraudulent or rogue casinos, regardless of how great their payout rate is. It may be tough to tell good casinos from bad ones. You don’t have to be concerned about this problem if you have play Scratchcards money on hand.

We maintain a thorough casino blacklist to ensure that you avoid dodgy online casinos and live dealers. We blacklist casinos based on a set of criteria, and it’s possible that a casino game that’s blacklisted on our site isn’t blacklisted elsewhere. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent reasons some casinos are blacklisted on Scratchcards.

Gambling in both traditional and virtual reality.

The purpose of  Casino is to provide gamers with a gaming experience that is comparable to or better than that of a traditional casino. The Casino will begin to offer a variety of Virtual Reality-based games. The conventional technique of playing Live Dealer Games will be provided with VR technology and HD.
Our VR games will be one-of-a-kind in the market, thanks to the backing of the most cutting-edge and innovative technology of the century. Alive has partnered with a service provider to create new games and enhance the virtual reality gaming experience. The community will say what types of VR games Alive develops next.

Alive will provide a gaming ecosystem that includes a variety of games such as:

Ogwil, Poker, Virtual Reality Casino, Slot Games, Skill Games, Virtual Sports, Live Games, Sports Betting (Slot Games, Live Dealers, Skill Games, Sports-bar).



Our poker games will include the following features:

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android compatibility
  • Table, card face, deck, and background can all be customized.
  • Betting slider that can be customized
  • Option for preferred seating
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It’s a card game where players aim to collect cards with a total face value of 21 or less.


Chinese poker, backgammon, and belote will be among our skill games.

  • Global competitions are held every month.
  • A growing number of new games are being released.
  • Play VR Casino Skill Games against other players from around the world.


Virtual sports are done with cutting-edge technology that includes advanced graphics and features such as:

  • Action that never stops.
  • There are seven different sports covered.
  • Quick and simple betting alternatives
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.


Bet on poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Russian poker with a live dealer.


  • The 360o view of our virtual casino gives the player the impression that he is inside a real 3D casino, spinning reels and discovering highly engaging slot games.
  • All of the games in the Casino Suite will have novel designs, sophisticated graphic engines, and simple navigation. Hundreds of games will be available to pick from.
  • Our interactive live dealers will create an incredibly social experience, allowing players to gamble for extended periods without risking big sums of money or leaving the comfort of their own homes.
  • Aside from the VR games available at the platform’s first launch, a slew of new VR games will be produced and launched throughout time.
  • Users will earn free tokens by testing virtual reality games and providing feedback on their experience. When fully released, these VR games will only be playable with Alive tickets, helping to boost token demand and value.