Five Casino Games You Should Never Play.

There are usually a few live mobile casino games with some of the worst winning odds in the sea of ​​good live casino games where a player can win large sums of money. It would be best if you avoid them at all costs. That means it’s complicated to win money playing those games because of their significant house edge. The percentage of a bet that goes straight to the casino’s budget is known in the gambling industry as the ‘House Edge’. It illustrates the discrepancy between the real odds won and the winnings the player receives. For example, the right odds are when a player bets two dollars and gets the same amount back; however, if only $1.5 is returned, the house edge is there. After learning about the tricks a casino uses to steal your money, it should be easier for you to find a decent game with favorable odds. We’ll list some of the worst below and explain why they are so to better help you with your gaming anxiety.


In the lottery-style keno game, players mark random numbers from 1 to 80 on a piece of paper. Using the ball machine, the winning numbers are drawn or chosen. When asked which game to avoid, this is the first thing that comes to mind. The worst percentage of the house edge is from 20% to 30%. For example, if a gambler bets $100, he will lose $20 to $30 every hour, which is terrible.

The big wheel

If you’ve ever seen what roulette looks like, it won’t be difficult to understand the huge wheel game. The wheel is vertical instead of horizontal, that’s the difference. A random number is placed in each of the parts of the entire reel. The player has to guess and see if the wheel on it stops. One can understand why we have listed these, given the slim chances of getting the guess right. In addition, the house edge percentage is significant and ranges from 11 to 24 percent, meaning that a player loses between $11 and $24 on every $100 every hour.

The roulette game

American roulette has the lowest winning odds of all other roulettes. The difference is that two zero squares – 0 and 00 – have been added to the deck to favor the house. The game’s overall house edge percentage is 5.2 percent. Looking at the previous rates would lead someone to believe this is a fair bet, but looking at the European slot would lead someone to believe otherwise. Only one zero space is involved, reducing the amount of money paid to the house by 2.7%. As a result, a player who wagers $100 every hour will only lose $2.40 instead of $5.20.

A video poker device

Several types of video poker games exist, but not all of them pay out fairly. The easiest method to avoid falling for this gambling trick is to know which bet pays in full and which ones don’t. However, if a player finds a machine that doesn’t pay in full, the house edge is only about 5%. This information is crucial for people who want to use slot machines to make real money.

slot machines

Spinning the reels repeatedly – ​​and often for hours – is necessary to win the jackpot when playing slots. You may understand why it is not recommended to play slots as the house keeps a percentage of every spin. Imagine playing for a while and failing about 15% of the time. That would indeed be awful, am I right?