Gambling in both traditional and virtual reality.

The purpose of  Casino is to provide gamers with a gaming experience that is comparable to or better than that of a traditional casino. The Casino will begin to offer a variety of Virtual Reality-based games. The conventional technique of playing Live Dealer Games will be provided with VR technology and HD.
Our VR games will be one-of-a-kind in the market, thanks to the backing of the most cutting-edge and innovative technology of the century. Alive has partnered with a service provider to create new games and enhance the virtual reality gaming experience. The community will say what types of VR games Alive develops next.

Alive will provide a gaming ecosystem that includes a variety of games such as:

Ogwil, Poker, Virtual Reality Casino, Slot Games, Skill Games, Virtual Sports, Live Games, Sports Betting (Slot Games, Live Dealers, Skill Games, Sports-bar).



Our poker games will include the following features:

  • Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android compatibility
  • Table, card face, deck, and background can all be customized.
  • Betting slider that can be customized
  • Option for preferred seating
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. It’s a card game where players aim to collect cards with a total face value of 21 or less.


Chinese poker, backgammon, and belote will be among our skill games.

  • Global competitions are held every month.
  • A growing number of new games are being released.
  • Play VR Casino Skill Games against other players from around the world.


Virtual sports are done with cutting-edge technology that includes advanced graphics and features such as:

  • Action that never stops.
  • There are seven different sports covered.
  • Quick and simple betting alternatives
  • Apps for iOS and Android are available.


Bet on poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Russian poker with a live dealer.


  • The 360o view of our virtual casino gives the player the impression that he is inside a real 3D casino, spinning reels and discovering highly engaging slot games.
  • All of the games in the Casino Suite will have novel designs, sophisticated graphic engines, and simple navigation. Hundreds of games will be available to pick from.
  • Our interactive live dealers will create an incredibly social experience, allowing players to gamble for extended periods without risking big sums of money or leaving the comfort of their own homes.
  • Aside from the VR games available at the platform’s first launch, a slew of new VR games will be produced and launched throughout time.
  • Users will earn free tokens by testing virtual reality games and providing feedback on their experience. When fully released, these VR games will only be playable with Alive tickets, helping to boost token demand and value.