Poker Tournament Organizing

Are you looking for a way to organize a fun evening for friends, family, your company or, for example, business partners? Organizing a poker tournament is ideal for this. Poker is a very popular game and anyone can play. Before you take on the task of organizer, it is recommended that you immerse yourself in the game.

Practice online first

Practicing yourself during online poker tournaments is an ideal way to become more familiar with poker. Texas Hold’em is the most played variant, so this is a good choice. Read the poker rules carefully. While you play poker online, you will learn the most important rules and things to keep in mind for your poker tournament. .

Determining the prices

First of all, it is important to know that in a public tournament, for example at companies or in a pub, it is not allowed by law to play for money. Then it is better to choose prizes other than cash prizes, for example a cup. Playing without money can also keep the atmosphere between colleagues lighter and friendlier at the same time. Playing with money is allowed in a closed group, such as with friends.

The Poker Essentials

After the prices are set, it’s time to purchase the supplies. Depending on the atmosphere and the company, you can buy very luxurious items, or look around the marketplace for suitable items. It is certainly possible to keep your tournament low budget. With playing cards, playing chips and tables you have everything you need.

Choose a tournament structure

There is a tournament structure for every occasion. The Freez Out variant is chosen for very large groups, so as not to exceed the desired playing time. Each player gets a stack of playing chips at the start and when they run out, the player is eliminated. It is not recommended to do this with many beginners, because then they will be out too quickly. In that case, Poker Rebuy is more likely to be chosen.

Players can buy extra chips if they are (almost) out. This option is of course limited, so as not to make the tournament last forever. You can also choose from Shout Out, Freeroll, Guaranteed Payout, Mixed, Heads-Up or Satellite. An additional option is the Add-On. Players can purchase additional chips. This is one way to increase the prize pool.

Establish the Blind Schedule

To make your tournament run smoothly, you determine the blind schedule in advance. The Small Blind and the Big Blind are the fixed bets placed by the players to the left of the dealer. You also determine and share the starting stack and any Rebuys and Add-Ons, so that players know what to expect.

During the poker tournament

Players are randomly placed at tables and there should be no more than one player difference between the tables. So move players to avoid this, but don’t move the same player every time and make sure they don’t have to pay a blind one after the other. Also keep an eye on the duration and make sure everyone can come along long enough during the fun and exciting poker rounds. People will look back on your poker tournament with satisfaction.