Scratch Cards

Scratch Card Winning Odds

The odds of winning scratch card games at our online casino is an exciting prospect because of how simple it is to play and how quick the gameplay is. You can receive several payouts in the time it would take you to receive a single one if you were playing a table game. You do not need to walk into your local convenience store to enjoy playing a Scratchie, because online, Scratch Cards are far more fun, engaging, and potentially profitable!

Online Scratch Cards

While online Scratch Cards and store bought paper product Scratch Cards are virtually the same, the prior has high end animation, the ability to adjust your bet on the fly, automatic area scratching, incredibly high reaching progressive jackpots, and, most importantly, bonus games. Certain combinations of icons can result in bonus games that can get you even more multipliers. The odds of at least getting your wager back are extremely high, and the odds of walking away far richer than you were walking into it aren’t bad either!If you know how to play scratch cards online, you might also know that it is easy to realize that you won. When the scratch areas are revealed, you want three or more identical icons to be displayed. This results in you winning the applicable multiplier, which can be anywhere from you getting your wager back to receiving thousands of times your bet. Some of the games also offer an additional multiplier box, meaning you can receive your multiplied prize and then multiply that total amount again, creating incredible payouts, while others offer multiple chances to win at once. Each section of the game acts independently, and the prizes from each of the winning sections are added together and put into your credit total.

Casino Midas Scratch Cards

Check out the Scratch Cards options at Casino Midas  and discover how engaging and profitable they can really be. With the many options in this continuously growing niche, this style of gaming can become one of your favourites, just like it has with so many other players!